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We Vasa Victoria Dental offers advanced dental care for adults

Our main focus is to recreate the natural functioning teeth where it is needed for various reasons. We will gladly help you drawn you to go to dentist and now want to do something about your situation.

Our personnel

Olof Ekdahl

Leg. Dentist

Special Interests: Orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, General Surgery, root canals
Speaks: Swedish, English, German.

Jonas Andersson

Leg. Dentist

Special Interests: Aesthetic composite fillings.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

Patrik Ericsson

Leg. Dentist

Special Interests: Aesthetic dentistry, root canals, surgery
Speaks: Swedish, English

Cecilia Larsson Wexell


Implant surgery optimum aesthetics with modern methods
Speaks: Swedish, English.

Ulrika Nibble

Leg. Dentist

Special Interests: Aesthetic dentistry
Speaks: Swedish, English

Maria Hansson

Leg. Dental Hygienist

Special Interests: Parodontologi.
Speaks: Swedish, Portugiska, Spanish, Italian, English.

Ingmarie Josefsson

Dental nurse

Special Interests: Surgery.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

Julia Lundberg

Dental nurse

Special Interests: Invisalign orthodontics.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

Louise Ehrlander

Dental nurse

Special Interests: Teeth Whitening & root canals.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

Josephine Nilsson

Dental nurse / Dental technicians

Special Interests: Invasalign and aesthetic.
Speaks: Swedish, English.

For acute problems try first to call us on 031-138560

Alternatively, you could leave a message here with your phone number and we will call as soon as we can.

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