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Dental implants in Gothenburg

On Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry Gothenburg we do dental implants. Everyone wants to show off a beautiful smile with a natural look. Making a dental implant is a way to change their appearance. Today it is an established and reliable method for replacing teeth with implants. In Vasa Viktoria we have access to an experienced maxillofacial surgeon with extensive experience in implant surgery. We can quickly make the judgment whether or not you need a large or small cosmetic procedure with the aim to give you teeth you have always dreamed of. We are your clinic in central Gothenburg, which makes dental implants with natural results.


Dental implants Astra Tech

On Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry Gothenburg we work with Astra Tech, one of the best and most proven systems in the dental surgery and dental implants. With the help of Astra Tech, we get great opportunities to create the right solution for you, whatever the conditions. If the bone is missing for processing, we have the possibility to insert artificial bone that secures a good result for your dental implants.


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On Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry we help customers daily in need of dental care. We carry everything from emergency dental care for aesthetic dentistry like whitening and dental implants at our clinic in Gothenburg. Our dental hygienist will help you with cleaning your teeth and our dental surgeon helps if you need a more advanced dentistry.


Make your dental implants in Vasa Viktoria in Gothenburg

Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry your dentist performing dental implants that provide a natural look. We have a long experience where over the years we have helped clients to have teeth and the smile they've always dreamed of. Join us in Gothenburg for a first free consultation with our dental surgeon or book your time: 031-138560


dental implants Gothenburg

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