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Aesthetic dentistry in Gothenburg

On Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry Gothenburg we perform esthetic dentistry. Strengthen your personal brand with a beautiful and distinctive smile. With the help of cosmetic dentistry in Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry in Gothenburg can implement adjustments to the appearance of the teeth. Through modern technology can improve both the teeth color and shape as you wish. Discoloration, gap, uneven and unsightly fillings need not be a problem. Today, there are several alternative treatments for those who wish to have a beautiful smile through cosmetic dentistry in Gothenburg.

Select the method that suits you

Teeth whitening has become a common method to overcome the discolored or yellow teeth but we can also work with veneers which to correct both color and shape. With the help of orthodontic treatment can improve both function and appearance of your teeth. Learn more about our treatments in aesthetic dentistry, or schedule a consultation at our reception in Gothenburg.

Esthetic Dentistry in Gothenburg high quality

By working with higher magnification and better lighting, we can now see things that were previously invisible. Working in the dental microscope is not new in Sweden but has previously been limited to the specialist for root canals. Now we take it into general dentistry and raise the bar for what is possible. We use technology to you who choose veneers to be able to save as much of your own tooth structure as possible. When we do, root canal treatments, we can see everything we do and therefore miss no channels. In investigations detected problems in the past and can therefore be addressed minimal invasive and more treatments can be avoided. When repairs connections between the tooth and filling are inspected and checked on a level never before possible. For those who have high standards for quality and appearance when it comes to aesthetic dentistry has Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry Gothenburg something unique to be proud of.

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