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Vasa Viktoria is your dentist offering advanced dental care of a high quality. Our dental office is located in Gothenburg at the intersection of Vasagatan and Viktoriagatan. Vaasa Viktoria Dentistry offers hours during weekdays 07.00 to 19.00 and Saturdays 08.00 to 12.00. Have you drawn you to go to the dentist? Now is the time to book your time with us. Vaasa Viktoria is your dentist to help you in need of dental care.

New as patient?

Looking for a new dentist? Vaasa Viktoria offers new customers a starter for 695kr which includes the X-ray, examination and polishing of your teeth. We are directly connected to the insurance fund, which means you can use the dental care contribution (up to 600 kr) and also the high cost threshold for us.

student discount

Are you a student and knows that going to the dentist is a too big fee? We offer all students 20% discount on any treatment. (not for aesthetic dentistry)

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Are you in need of dental care? We help you with everything from emergency dentalcare to esthetic dentistry such as dental implants or tooth whitening. Call us at: 031-138560 or contact us via the message function on the homepage. We guarantee you a time with us in 24 hours and respond to you within one hour.

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For acute problems try first to call us on 031-138560

Alternatively, you could leave a message here with your phone number and we will call as soon as we can.

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